Asked Questions

With the rising cost of shipping those few orders a month that get “lost” have slowly become more and more expensive. Navidium gives you a tool to help off-set that cost by allowing you to charge a small fee from your customers in exchange for a shipping delivery guarantee.

That is entirely up to you. In our app settings you can set either a % of each purchase, or you can use set amounts. We even give you the option to create rules based on how high the purchase is so that some purchases may have a smaller fee than larger purchases.

Yes, 100%. Navidium is an app built by merchants for merchants. This means, we have been running our app in our own 7 figure a month shopify plus store for a year now. More than 70% of our customers were paying for this small added fee.

No, we are not. We are a software company that allows ecommerce stores and merchants to charge a small fee from their customers and provide a guarantee to their customers that they (the merchant) will either reship, or refund any lost, damaged, or stolen deliveries that don’t make it to the customer.

Firstly, we aren’t an insurance company. We don’t communicate with your customers at any time. Instead, we give you (the merchant) the tools to provide your customers a similar service like route, but one where you (the merchant) control the entire experience. You collect the fees and keep it, and you can use those premiums/fees to offset the cost of the claims as needed. Anything left over is your profit.

We charge a monthly set fee for the technology and app on a sliding scale based on your order volume. We don’t take any % of your revenue, nor do we collect any money from your customers.

Yes, but you’ll need a Shopify Plus store for the widget to be able to load. We also recommend having our support team do the installation to ensure it runs smoothly and doesn’t damage any other apps or custom code you have set up in your checkout.

Our app provides two ways to manage/file claims. In the app backend our merchants can file claims on behalf of their customers. We also created a front end widget you can send customers to should they want to file a claim on their own. Their claim will then display as a new claim to review in the Navidium App dashboard.

At the moment we give you the option to create a new order at a 100% discount which would allow you to then reship it. We also give you the option to refund part/full orders right from the claims page. Future options will be made available in further releases of the app.

Yes! Our support team have done this dozens of times, and we will happily help you migrate over.

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