Home and Decor shipping protection

The shipping woes of the fashion industry, solved.

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Home and Decor businesses struggle with shipping.

We understand Home & Decor shipping difficulties like branded parcels being stolen, which might worry fashion firms who rely on their packaging to build their brand.
Receiving the wrong item or size can frustrate customers who ordered a specific item and expect it to fit. .

Say Good-bye to Shipping Insurance Apps

Stop letting Shipping Insurance Apps eat away at your profits.

Protect your orders. Protect your brand.

Say hello to satisfied, loyal consumers.

A Platform Built for Merchants First

Control your entire Shipping Protection Platform.

Seamless Widget Integration for every platform.

Offer your own shipping protection on all major e-commerce platforms in 24 hours or less.

Fully integrated and seamless claims management system

Create replacement orders, refunds, or replacements, in the blink of an eye with our fully integrated platform.

Manage your claims, revenue, analyze data, and control every aspect of your shipping protection platform.

Instant ROI when you offer your very own shipping protection to your customers.


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