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The #1 platform disrupting traditional shipping insurance by turning lost, stolen, or damaged deliveries into profit for merchants. Seamlessly collect shipping protection fees, keep 100% of those fees, manage claims, and provide stellar customer support throughout your customers' shopping journey with Navidium Shipping Protection. Manage claims in house while leveraging protection fees to cover your losses when an inevitable shipping error occurs. Whatever is left each month becomes your profit.

Instant ROI when you offer your very own shipping protection to your customers.


In protected orders per month


Protection Fees Collected per month


Attachment Rate


Avg. Amount Kept by Merchants

260M packages Disappear in the US alone per year.

Put an end to customer worries, and give your customers peace of mind.

Customers who experience shipping issues are 40% more likely to leave a bad review.

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Say Good-bye to Shipping Insurance Apps

Stop letting Shipping Insurance Apps eat away at your profits.

Protect your orders. Protect your brand.

Say hello to satisfied, loyal consumers.

A Platform Built for Merchants First

Control your entire Shipping Protection Platform.

Seamless Widget Integration for every platform.

Offer your own shipping protection on all major e-commerce platforms in 24 hours or less.

Fully integrated and seamless claims management system

Create replacement orders, refunds, or replacements, in the blink of an eye with our fully integrated platform.

Manage your claims, revenue, analyze data, and control every aspect of your shipping protection platform.

Expert Installation

Get Started in 24 Hours or Less.

Our Expert Team is ready to Onboard in less than 24 Hours.

Highly trained Developers

Expert Onboarding
Free Seamless Transition from Other Shipping Insurance Apps.
Zero Down Time

Meet Our Platform

All the Controls for Your Own Protection Platform at your fingertips.

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Give Customers a Prime Like experience without taking on the hit and stress of lost margins.

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Branded in less than a minute.

Choose a template, add your colors and fonts, and like magic your brand now has its very own shipping protection platform.

Why Navidium Shipping Protection

Unrivaled Technology Focused on You, The Merchant.

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Keep 100% of Protection Fees

Unlike any others, Navidium doesn't take a % of your revenue, you keep every penny of it.

Full Control on Your Claims

You decide when to approve or deny claims, and control the outcome and customer journey.

Set Your Own Protection Fees

Choose how much of an admin fee you charge your customers. Charge based on a % of the order value, custom tiers, or flat rate.

Full Widget Customization

Make it your own. Offer additional perks like free returns, extended returns, protection, or more. Fully Customized by You.

Revenue Share

How much of the revenue collected do you get to keep?





*Based on Past Customer Feedback & Public Knowledge. Subject to change. Trademarks & Logos are owned by respective companies.

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Carbon Neutral Shipping

Help provide a better planet for future generations while increasing your own conversion rates. Offer robust options to offset carbon shipping with Navidium at checkout.

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What our customers say

with 100's of reviews, our customers say it better than we ever could.

I'm SO glad we switched to Navidium from the other shipping protection app we were using that kept all the revenue our store was generating. Since then we have seen a 44% conversion rate for Navidium and our customers are happier than ever with the improved problem resolution we are now able to offer. The customer support from Navidium has been fantastic. The look and feel of the widget feels very well implemented into our checkout and theme as well. Big shoutout to Marc from Navidium as well. Super down to earth, friendly and resourceful in all things e-commerce related. If you don't have Navidium installed on your store, you're missing out

The BEST shipping protection app! We previously used route and felt like we were getting robbed. We switched to navidium and it helps us generate extra revenue but helps our customers feel more confident during the checkout process. They are always so responsive and willing to help! Highly recommend this app!

Have used this for ~2 - 3 months now with great results. We ran a test and it indeed product more average contribution dollars per user than without Navidium. The team also helped us with an extensive & tricky custom install. Highly recommend!

This app has been fantastic. One $50K in pure profit since implementing this year. Side note, customer service has been amazing too.

We love this app. Makes it easy for our customers to sign up for shipping protection and if we get a request to refund a package that was lost or damaged we do it. But as the occurrence is so low it allows us to keep the extra revenue for the protection and in the rare occasion something gets lost, we just pay from that extra revenue stream. This is the best way to handle shipping protection. We are so happy we found this app and replaced our old shipping protection solution. We save a lot and our customers are happier to!

Such a game-changer! Not only is Navidium profitable for us but extremely helpful to our Customer Service procedures in keeping track of shipping claims and any potential repeat offenders. The installation process was a breeze and the team is beyond helpful. Definitely recommend downloading Navidium for your store!

We serve every niche & industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the rising cost of shipping those few orders a month that get “lost” have slowly become more and more expensive. Navidium gives you a tool to help off-set that cost by allowing you to charge a small fee from your customers in exchange for a shipping delivery guarantee.

That is entirely up to you. In our app settings you can set either a % of each purchase, or you can use set amounts. We even give you the option to create rules based on how high the purchase is so that some purchases may have a smaller fee than larger purchases.

Yes, 100%. Navidium is an app built by merchants for merchants. This means, we have been running our app in our own 7 figure a month shopify plus store for a year now. More than 70% of our customers were paying for this small added fee.

No, we are not. We are a software company that allows ecommerce stores and merchants to charge a small fee from their customers and provide a guarantee to their customers that they (the merchant) will either reship, or refund any lost, damaged, or stolen deliveries that don’t make it to the customer.

Firstly, we aren’t an insurance company. We don’t communicate with your customers at any time. Instead, we give you (the merchant) the tools to provide your customers a similar service like route, but one where you (the merchant) control the entire experience. You collect the fees and keep it, and you can use those premiums/fees to offset the cost of the claims as needed. Anything left over is your profit.

We charge a monthly set fee for the technology and app on a sliding scale based on your order volume. We don’t take any % of your revenue, nor do we collect any money from your customers.

Yes, but you’ll need a Shopify Plus store for the widget to be able to load. We also recommend having our support team do the installation to ensure it runs smoothly and doesn’t damage any other apps or custom code you have set up in your checkout.

Our app provides two ways to manage/file claims. In the app backend our merchants can file claims on behalf of their customers. We also created a front end widget you can send customers to should they want to file a claim on their own. Their claim will then display as a new claim to review in the Navidium App dashboard.

At the moment we give you the option to create a new order at a 100% discount which would allow you to then reship it. We also give you the option to refund part/full orders right from the claims page. Future options will be made available in further releases of the app.

Yes! Our support team have done this dozens of times, and we will happily help you migrate over.